Your Seat

To get to your seat, you board your airline flight through the jetway or stairs. The jetway is a movable passageway that connects the terminal building to the aircraft. It can move horizontally and vertically to accommodate the size of different aircraft.

As you enter through the aircraft door, you may notice a bulky object on the door. This is the associated door slide, more on this in another topic to come.

Aircraft seats are numbered as if you are looking forward. The closest to the front of the aircraft start with row 1, the rearmost row end with the highest number. Facing forward again, on your left side, the seats in each row are designated by letters. The left-most seat, closest to the window, usually starts with the letter A and progresses sequentially through the alphabet from the left to the right rows. The size and type of aircraft (widebody, narrowbody; B737, MD80, A320, B777, etc.) determine what and how many letters are used. For example, the MD80 aircraft has two seats on the left (A, C), and three seats on the right (D, E, F). As you can see, the letter B was skipped. The B737 aircraft has three left (A, B, C) and three right (D, E, F). Widebody aircraft can go all the way through the letter K.

Left Side Seats closest to window starts with the letter A Alphabet sequences to the Right Side Seats
Left Side Seats Right Side Seats

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