The Preflight phase of your airline flight includes all the preparations your pilots, flight attendants, and ground personnel are doing to be ready for you to board for an ontime flight departure.

During this time, the crew starts doing their preflight checklist in the cockpit and cabin. Also, one of the pilots will be doing a "walk-around" -an external inspection of the aircraft that includes the wings, engines, fuselage, and landing gear. Click on the following pages to have an explanation of more:

Fueling your aircraft... Fueling

The Flight Plan that is filed with Air Traffic Control (ATC), generated in the company by the flight dispatcher and reviewed and signed by your Captain... Flight Plan

Crew Briefings -what are they and what is talked about... Crew Briefings

What is the Pitot-Static System and how important is it?... Pitot-Static System

What is the Oxygen System?... Oxygen System

What are the positions in your Flight Crew?... Flight Crew

Here are some safety tips that I have given to family and friends... Safety Tips

All airlines have mandatory emergency equipment, here is a description of them... Emergency Equipment

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