The Enroute phase of your flight is when you are near, or at the filed altitude that was requested on the Flight Plan. The majority of your scheduled flight time is spent during this phase, of course depending on the distance you are flying!

While your flight is hopefully smooth and uneventful at your final altitude, there are many things going on that your pilots and/or flight attendants must do. Click on the below items to find out more...

Cabin Pressurization, what is it, and how does it work?... Cabin Pressurization

How is our designated route being flown?.... Flying Our Route

What is Holding?.... Holding

What is Mountain Wave?.... Mountain Wave

Why are the wings folded?.... Winglets

What happens during an inflight Medical Emergency?.... Medical Emergency

What is a Jet Stream and how does it affect our flight?.... Jet Stream

What is Volcanic Ash and how does it affect our flight?.... Volcanic Ash

What happens in Rapid Decompression? What procedures are your pilots doing and what can you do to help yourself? Rapid Decompression

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